Education Resources

CSU Dance offers dance education tools and resources for dance educators, students and K-12 teachers who want to learn more about how dance can be incorporated into their classrooms.   These tools are meant to be used as inspiration and support for on-going curriculum and programming.  We offer a variety of experiences from a professional development teacher’s summer seminar, a field trip for 4th graders  from Title I schools to the University Center for the Arts for a day-of-the-arts to detailed lesson plans and learning experiences (with examples and templates to design your own) to implement in your classroom today!


Additional resources and links to programs within our community and state are also available and will be updated regularly.  We work alongside educators, administrators, researchers, students, etc. to continually advocate for and enhance Dance/Arts experiences for all.

You can also see the work of our CSU Dance Majors, Aminta Remisosky and Katie McClendon, on the Colorado Department of Education Website.  They have contributed to the Teacher-Authored instructional Unit Samples there as well!