K-12 Dance Education Lesson Plan Bank

The K-12 Dance Education Lesson Plan Bank project was inspired by the work of dance pedagogy students at Colorado State University, and the desire of K-12 teachers to integrate movement into the academic classroom.  Through the generous support of a Lilla B. Morgan Memorial Endowment grantCSU Dance faculty member Lisa Morgan, and dance majors Aminta Remisosky and Katie McClendon, worked together to develop a comprehensive lesson plan template system to be implemented and used by K-12 teachers, dance educators in private studios, and faculty and students in the CSU Dance pedagogy program.

We hope to provide movement/dance education tools that are readily accessible to teachers, are easy to use, and clearly aligned with K-12 Colorado Academic Standards. Also, to offer CSU pedagogy students the opportunity to develop lesson plans that complement academic curriculum, offer enhanced learning tools for diversE learners, and align with the Colorado Dance Standards.

Listed below are three levels of instruction from short, focused activities to enhance the academic lesson, to full length dance lessons in an arts programming schedule. Under each section, you will find examples of completed lessons, as well as blank templates with tutorials, to design your own lessons!

If you have questions, are interested in additional resources or ideas, or would like to discuss any of these documents, feel free to email Lisa Morgan.