Carl A. Bimson Humanities Endowment Seminars at CSU


Banking pioneer and business leader Carl A. Bimson attended Colorado A&M University in engineering between 1920 and 1923. Although he did not graduate, Mr. Bimson was awarded an honorary degree by Colorado State University in 1994 in recognition of his outstanding work and support for the university.

The Seminars

A bequest from Mr. Bimson’s estate provides funding for an ongoing series of humanities seminars. Mr. Bimson envisioned seminars that would bring primary and secondary teachers to Colorado State University's campus to engage in advanced study of various topics of humanistic learning, facilitated by College of Liberal Arts faculty. In the liberal arts tradition, the college has extended the meaning of “humanities” to encompass the performing and creative arts, humanities, and social science disciplines.

Recent Bimson seminars have included “Effective Teaching of English Language Learners,” “Turkey and Morocco: Crossroads of Culture,” “Mining the Museum for Cultural Commentary: A Collaborative Approach to Professional Development,” and “Foreign Cultures for Foreign Language Teachers.”

The focus of a Bimson seminar is on teaching and learning in the humanities through collaboration between university faculty and public school teachers. The College’s continuing hope is that participants can be recruited from more distant areas and populations of the state. Curriculum materials, collaborative research, or joint publications are all possible outcomes of these seminars.