Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance

B.F.A. in Dance

Colorado State University offers a rigorous classical and contemporary dance program culminating in a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. The CSU Dance degree requires a strong physical and mental commitment and an eagerness to learn and improve.

Our B.F.A. degree is a professional education program designed to prepare students for careers in dance. Dance students explore the many possibilities for movement expression, along with creative and scholarly examination, in a challenging and supportive environment. The curriculum is focused on classical and contemporary dance performance, choreography, and pedagogy. This holistic approach also includes anatomy and kinesiology, music, production design, and career development. Technique classes in classical and contemporary forms are aimed at achieving an advanced level of performance and artistry. Students have multiple opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in tangible ways, such as performance of repertoire, supervised teaching, supervised concert direction, and choreography for concerts. Beginning their first year, students are eligible to perform in our five annually produced dance concerts.

The School of Music, Theatre, and Dance is comprised of esteemed faculty and administrative and production staff, all dedicated to supporting student education in the arts.

Program-Level Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate technical and artistic achievement in the areas of classical and contemporary dance performance, teaching, and choreography.
  • Create solo, group, and site-specific choreography utilizing established and inventive devices and movement vocabulary.
  • Apply research, assessment, critical thinking, and advocacy skills to develop best pedagogical practices as a dance teacher.
  • Interpret and perform original and historic repertoire with confidence and discuss the development and significance of dance forms across cultures.
  • Explore the multitude of ways in which community engagement is embedded in dance, embracing diversity, equity, inclusion, and leadership.
  • Experience multiple facets of dance production and collaborate with colleagues in technical theatre to successfully navigate the many moving parts that contribute to dance production.

Focus Areas

The B.F.A. in Dance consists of 120 total credits, including the following:

  • Technique, Performance, and Repertoire
  • Choreography and Improvisation
  • Pedagogy and Teaching Methodologies
  • History and Theory
  • Technical Production and Design
  • Guest Artists and Masterclasses