EDUCATION IN MOTION: A Professional Development Seminar for pK-12 Teachers

Movement and Education

Join leading Dance/Movement Educators and Education Specialists to explore strategies and tools for integrating movement at all levels of learning in pK-12 classrooms.

Colorado State University invites Colorado pK-12 teachers and administrators to join us in-person for presentations, exploration, sharing resources, and expanding our awareness and knowledge of the benefits of movement in the classroom. Guest speakers, university faculty, and education specialists will present the latest research and tools to help you to reach more students, offer innovative ways to teach core curriculum, and learn about how our state is supporting our efforts.


  • Movement fundamentals with integrated lesson plan ideas
  • Social and emotional learning for teachers and students
  • Mindfulness practices for students and teachers
  • Inclusive and equitable learning environments supported with movement in mind
  • Culturally relevant pedagogy and teaching
  • Restorative practices and building authentic relationships
  • Time for planning, networking and collaborating across disciplines
  • And more...


CSU Dance faculty will anchor the seminar, bringing a vast knowledge and awareness to movement fundamentals, connections to learning and presenting inspiring tools to integrate into your classrooms to enhance overall learning.

We will be joined by community and regional educators, specialists in social and emotional learning, mindfulness and equity, inclusion and diversity.

  • Pamela Barker, Education Psychology and Social & Emotional Learning
  • Dr. Patricia Vigil, Director of CSU University Partnerships and Student Success
  • Everett & Ame Vigil, Restorative Justice Education
  • Miranda Buddington, Mindfulness and Teacher Wellness

Dates: June 5-8, 2023


  • There is NO CHARGE for the seminar but registration is required.
  • Seminar enrollment is limited to 25

Continuing Education Credit

  • Teachers may sign up for CSU Continuing Education credit (fee required)


Lisa Morgan

  • Instructor
  • Choreography, Modern Technique, and Teaching Methods