CSU Dance Engagement


We are thrilled to bring the power of dance as a vehicle for expression, reflection, imagination, and connection to the Colorado community. The role of the arts is to embody and challenge the times in which we live. Through dance, we learn to explore, innovate, and problem solve — to collaborate, critique, and improvise — to practice mindfulness, self-awareness, and risk-taking.

Colorado State University Dance offers a collaborative dance training center that prepares majors for professional careers in dance related fields. Dance students explore the many possibilities for movement expression, along with creative and scholarly examination, in a challenging and supportive environment. Through rigorous technical and artistic investigation, embodied practice, and progressive pedagogy, CSU Dance empowers students to be engaged, reflective, and resilient citizens. In keeping with our land-grant values, we strive to inspire and lead creative collaborations on campus and beyond through our comprehensive dance practices.

As part of our curriculum, dance majors work together to develop and deliver performances, movement workshops, talk back sessions, and integrative lesson plans.



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Assistant Professor Madeline Harvey
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Masterclasses, Summer Sessions, and Special Events