Dance Student Committees

Dance Student Advisory Committee

It is strongly recommended that all CSU dance majors become members of the Dance Student Advisory Committee.

Faculty Advisor: Madeline Jazz Harvey

Faculty Mentors: Lisa Morgan

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The purpose of the Dance Student Advisory Committee (DSAC) is to provide a platform for students to submit concerns and ideas in a positive and effective manner. It is an organization to help support the growing dance program in fundraising for conferences, networking with alumni, etc. The DSAC, with advisement from the faculty mentor, will be responsible for developing and maintaining the CSU Dance Undergraduate Student Handbook.

The DSAC, with advisement from the designated dance faculty advisor, upholds these responsibilities by holding monthly meetings and completing other tasks as needed.

As a recognized student organization at CSU, this organization shall not deny membership to any student on the basis of race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or pregnancy.

Duties of members

  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Be willing and able to contribute to constructive communication with dance faculty
  • Propose attainable solutions to existing or emerging areas of improvement within the program
  • Discuss and decide which actions or solutions to bring to faculty
  • Assist with necessary fundraising
  • Abide by guidelines listed in the CSU Dance Undergraduate Student Handbook
  • Review and propose edits for the CSU Dance Undergraduate Student Handbook
  • Vote for officers

Members can be removed from the organization for violation of requirements listed in the constitution. Three missed meetings in one semester can also result in removal. Due process will be allowed, honoring one’s right to speak on one’s behalf, and right to an appeal. This would take place at a hearing separate from the monthly meetings.

Duties of Officers

All Executive Board members must attend monthly committee meetings and monthly executive officer meetings; these usually last one hour each.


  1. Prepare and present agenda, and oversee meetings and events
  2. Lead DSAC executive planning sessions with assistance from faculty advisor
  3. Collaborative leadership: coordinating, facilitating, guiding activities and meetings
  4. Effectively communicate ideas with faculty advisor
  5. Report and work with faculty advisor to determine/enact disciplinary action for DSAC constitution violations

Vice President

  1. Facilitate discussion during meetings
  2. Assist president during meetings and with outside tasks
  3. Recruit members
  4. Fill president’s role in case of absence

Financial Officer

  1. Oversee the SOFA (Student Organization Financial Account), fundraising, and grant applications
  2. Assist vice president during meetings and with outside tasks


  1. Send meeting notifications via email and the dance major Facebook page
  2. Record attendees at each meeting
  3. Make announcements at the beginning of each meeting
  4. Impartially record and post (on RamLink) minutes for each meeting
  5. Communication: monitoring, announcing, and posting notifications about department meetings, events and other important information useful to students that has not been addressed by the stage manager (i.e. show week, DSAC future meetings, schedule changes, etc.).

DSAC members in the following positions will attend Executive Board meetings occasionally and at the request of the president or faculty advisor.

Apparel Chair

  1. Adhere to CSU policies as far as design and printing from semester to semester.
  2. Survey dance majors on apparel interest each semester
  3. Design or reuse past designs and provide dance majors with photos of each option
  4. Post flyers and provide order forms including a due date for forms and money to be submitted to you
  5. Collect and submit payments and order forms
  6. Place online orders at request of dance majors
  7. Distribute apparel to dance majors
  8. Present new apparel ideas to the DSAC

Constitution Chair

  1. Oversee implementations and adjustments to the DSAC Constitution
  2. Serve as the primary editor of the DSAC Constitution
  3. Possess grammar, spelling, and formatting skills
  4. Possess clear and concise writing skills

Professional Development Coordinator/NDEO Representative

  1. Be aware of and stay up to date on all fundraising options that are open to the DSAC
  2. Work closely with faculty mentor to plan, notify and coordinate annual conference trip to NDEO and/or other pertinent events that can benefit CSU Dance
  3. Be aware of planning and coordinating time in order to make all opportunities available to all interested parties

Officers will serve one academic year term unless unforeseen or emergency circumstances arise. There is no limitation for the number of times an officer may run for the same or a new position. Self-nominations for the coming term will be due to the president in writing on or before the March meeting of every spring semester. Members will vote for nominees online under the RamLink Elections tab. Those who receive two-thirds or more majority will take office at the start of the following fall semester. As a requirement of SLiCE, officers must uphold a cumulative 2.25 GPA both during elections and while holding office.

Officers can be removed for disciplinary issues or lack of performance. Officers not completing the functions of the job descriptions listed in the constitution can be removed from office. A written complaint must be submitted to the faculty advisor for review. Officers not in question will determine with the faculty advisor if a hearing is necessary, and an email will be sent to the committee noting when the hearing will occur. This must be scheduled outside of the regular meeting time, and committee members are not required to attend.

All removal procedures should follow due process, including adequate written notice (7 days minimum), the right to speak on one’s behalf, and the right to an appeal. 75% of members must agree to remove an officer from office. If fewer than 75% of members want to remove a student from office, the officer will retain his/her position, but other disciplinary actions may take place.


Committee meetings will be held on the first Friday of each month at the University Center for the Arts in Dance Studio 102. A reminder email will be sent out by the secretary before each meeting. If a meeting is to be cancelled for any reason, the secretary will also send an email notifying each member.

Executive Board meetings will be held the second Friday of each month at the University Center for the Arts in Dance Studio 102, with the last 30 mins occurring in the office of the faculty advisor.

Suggestion Box

A Google doc for submitting concerns is shared with all members of the Dance Student Advisory Committee. A physical DSAC suggestion box is available for anonymous concerns, and can be found in the dance hallway. Paper submissions will be looked at by the secretary every two weeks and then it will be added to the Google doc. All suggestions added to the Google doc or placed in the suggestion box must follow the following guidelines:

  • Concern must be followed by a proposed action to fix the concern
  • No more than 200 words
  • Must be well developed

Concerns must be “seconded” (online) by four students before they are brought up during DSAC meeting times. Suggestions can be submitted by any dance major regardless of DSAC membership status.