2021 Fall Dance Capstone Concert

The Thing Itself

The Thing Itself is an evocative dance concert featuring work by Colorado State University capstone choreographers. Abby Allison, Jame Fuerte, and Maddy Kling explore duality through movement, narration, and imagery. The discovery of story and exploration of truth has influenced the seniors’ choreographic process. This concert represents the culmination of their undergraduate career and features both solo and group work performed by the choreographers and selected dance majors. Their work strives to discover their deeper truths while providing a refreshing perspective on the world around us through dance, theatre, and shared community.

Abby Allison, Jame Fuerte, Maddy Kling Promotional PhotoFeatured choreographers

Abby Allison – Through adaptation of theatrical plays, Abby’s work explores stories and uses narrative movement to portray the key qualities of these playwright’s creations. The translation of words to movement reveals the themes and obstacles that underlie a deeper purpose. Immersed in simplicity and chaos, we discover our own truth- What does it mean to be human?

Jame Fuerte –  In an attempt to understand reality, Jame constructs an experience where we may explore capital-T “Truth”. Like staring into a mirror, we dive into human perspective as we pull apart subjectivity and interrogate our projections. Transformations reveal how our senses inform the world within us while we embrace human nature. Through visual storytelling, Jame’s choreography encompasses duality anchored in both subjective story-telling and our fragile reality.

Maddy Kling – Maddy’s piece comes from a deep place of honesty portraying her family’s journey through her brother’s battle with brain cancer. Maddy’s choreography comes from remembrance; the performance from true expression and emotion. She strives to connect with the audience, sharing a sense of loss that comes and goes like the tide.

This concert will be presented via livestream on Saturday, December 11, 7:30PM.

Masks are required for all patrons regardless of age in all areas of the UCA.
Please observe social distancing of 6′ between other patrons in all areas of the UCA.
Concert programs are available in a virtual format only and may be viewed via a QR code available at the performance.

Schedule & Tickets

Nightly at 7:30 pmMatinees at 2:00 pm
Cost: No Charge/ CSU Students, $9/youth (under 18), $14/senior (62+), $18/adult

Organizer: School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Phone: N/A

1400 Remington St.
Fort Collins, CO, 80524
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