Spring Dance Capstone Concert

Unearthed: A Revealing Collection of Movement Stories

Unearthed is a dance concert featuring the choreographic creations of Adrienne Frisbee,
Elise Gusinde-Duffy, Abbey Mann, Binyamin Salzano, and Molly Strader. This concert includes
an eclectic blend of contemporary and ballet styles. Each work showcases personal stories of
heartbreak, trauma, and experiences of the artist, while ultimately pointing toward the light of
hope. The Senior Dance Capstone Concert is the culmination of many years of rigorous work in
the Dance Major Program. Each choreographer has poured their heart and soul into works that
represent deep aspects of their own identity.

Featured Choreographers

Adrienne Frisbee

Adrienne’s work integrates inspiration from multiple types of relationships a person may
experience throughout life and how these experiences cultivate your own identity.
Dancers will portray a collection of stories that are inspired by Adrienne’s own
experiences and observations of the people around her. Adrienne’s choreography aims to
create a meaningful experience full of relatability.

Elise Gusinde-Duffy

Elise’s work explores the dichotomy between the expectations of adulthood and the
existence of the inner child. Using contrasting movement qualities, the choreography
shows the composed functionality of grown-ups versus the raw, pure emotions and
reactions of children, resolving with the understanding that both are valid and important
aspects of being human. The group and solo pieces represent the ongoing journey that is
the search for balance and acceptance.

Abbey Mann

Abbey’s work features three sections that reflect personal seasons of hardship. The
movement stories showcase the process of finding truth and freedom. Abbey’s
choreography is mainly contemporary ballet, including pointe work and partnering as
well. Her work concludes with a solo highlighting the joy found in abandon and

Binyamin Salzano

Binyamin’s work integrates principles of genetics and molecular biology with authentic
visceral movement to question unifying human experiences and expose integral elements
of Life Itself. His choreography explores conformity, individuality, community, and
personal lived experience, from the darkest depths to where the light gets in.

Molly Strader

Molly’s work explores the impact of different kinds of relationships we experience in life.
Through three pieces of music, four dancers will portray three different relationship
dynamics through partner work inspired by her life experiences. An intimate look into
life’s history; Molly hopes to take the audience on an emotional journey.

Schedule & Tickets

Nightly at 7:30 pmMatinees at 2:00 pm
Cost: No Charge/ CSU Students, $9/youth (under 18), $12/senior (62+), $14/adult

Organizer: School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Phone: N/A

1400 Remington St.
Fort Collins, CO, 80524
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