Spring Dance Capstone Concert: hold sway

The spring capstone dance concert, hold sway, is a movement story encompassing themes of individuality and overcoming strife. Senior dance majors, Faith, Tamia, Corey, Ethan, and Mikayla illustrate divergence through intricate and visceral movement languages. Please join us in celebrating their capstone achievement!

Featured Choreographers

Faith Brock: Faith’s work explores the journey of accepting one’s authentic self and forming bonds with others that shift our outlooks for the better. This piece investigates feelings of self-deprecation and unworthiness while opposingly showing the joy of discovering self-confidence and friendship.

Tamia Fair: Tamia’s work touches on the experience of being a black woman growing up in America and needing to hide aspects of herself to please and be accepted by others. Her work gives voice to the internal challenges she faces, along with coming into self-acceptance and community.

Corey O’Keefe: Corey’s work examines the idea that “everyone holds a reason” as opposed to the notion that “everything happens for a reason.” Her piece embodies the purpose of individuality, the essence of human connection, and the beauty in our paths aligning for fleeting moments.

Ethan Sickels: Ethan’s work is built on the choreographer’s struggles and how growth happens through them over time. In collaboration with the dancers, he focuses on topics of isolation, body image, and the divergent mind. This highly emotional piece strives to show the lows and highs of overcoming personal battles.

Mikayla Zavattaro: Mikayla’s piece explores courage within vulnerability. Through evocative movement, the dancers showcase an inner conflict between the safety of living guarded and the risks of being known. Her work considers how this disparity affects the way you express yourself, your relationships, and the empowerment of letting yourself be seen.

Schedule & Tickets

Nightly at 7:30 pmMatinees at 2:00 pm
Cost: No Charge/ CSU Students, $4/youth (under 18), $12/senior (62+), $14/adult

Organizer: School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Phone: N/A

1400 Remington St.
Fort Collins, CO, 80524
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