Dance: Chung-Fu Chang Boulder Ballet Guest Choreographer

Stepping Out 2011

Boulder Ballet's annual contemporary concert unveils the cutting edge of ballet technique and artistry through varied and imaginative choreography. This year's concert features works by Ana Claire, Peter Davison, Becky Jancosko and guest choreographer Chung-Fu Chang.

The dance concert takes place on February 18 & 19, 8 p.m., and February 20, 2 p.m., Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder, Colo.

Chung-Fu Change, Colorado State University associate professor of dance, draws from his cultural roots for inspiration. "My choreographic activity is culturally rooted in my Taiwanese Chinese background. Growing up, I was deeply immersed in a rich Chinese cultural heritage-poetic, ritualistic, theatrical and profoundly spiritual. I came to the United States to broaden my creative horizons and connect more directly with western dance traditions, rooted as they are in a different set of values."