Music & Dance: Something to dance to

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Article from the Rocky Mountain Collegian, by Ashley Lauwereins

03.25.10 - Wes Kenney wants tonight’s CSU orchestra concert to be different.

Kenney, director of orchestras for the University Center for the Arts, explained this concert, musically, is different than what is expected.

“Don’t expect to be hearing Brahms for 40 minutes,” Kenney said. “Every 10 minutes the audience will be listening to something radically different.”

But the Griffin Concert Hall audience will not only be stimulated audibly, but also visually.

In collaboration with special guests from the CSU Dance Department, the CSU Sinfonia will premier a combined symphonic and dance number at 7:30 tonight –– the first since the UCA opened in October 2008.

“With our new performing arts facility housing music and dance together, it seems fitting for collaborations to emerge,” Kenney said in a UCA press release.

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