Student Profile: Emily LaCourse

Meet Junior Emily LaCourse

Emily LaCourse Promotional Photo
Emily LaCourse Promotional Photo

Emily, originally from Columbus, Texas, found her state studying dance at Colorado State University.

1. What upcoming productions are you currently preparing for?

We have our upcoming Spring Dance Concert Apr. 21 and 22. I will perform in a piece titled American Lullaby, choreographed by professor Judy Bejarano. It's a work that expresses the struggles of the American dream and the relationship between people and politics.

2. What is your favorite thing about the dance program?

The best part of the dance program is the sense of family. Our program is fairly small, so I get to spend most of my day with the same beautiful people in every class. We help each other out and no one is alone in this journey.

3. What type of dance do you enjoy the most?

I was classically trained in American Ballet, however since attending CSU, I have grown to love modern dance. You can say I love ballet but have a soft spot for modern.

4. How did you get into dance?

When I was 3 years old, my granny asked my mother what she could get me for my birthday. My mom's response was, "as long as it can fit in her pocket!" So, my granny bought my first month of dance lessons and I’ve danced every day since that first class. Little did she know she gave me the gift of my first love, ballet.

5. What kind of classes are you currently enrolled in?

I take classical Vaganova ballet five days a week and modern dance three days a week. In addition to those courses, I take pedagogy classes to help spread and preserve the Vaganova technique. Ballet is the codified foundation of all organized dance, and I am thankful to be given the opportunity to learn how to properly train my students.