Study Abroad: Hearts, Heads, Hands – CSU Meets Africa

This six-week (4 weeks in-country) summer program will focus on the Arts of Africa through the study of artistic methods and techniques, cultural context, and global significance.  Students will engage with South African visual artists through service learning projects, interviews, educational programming, and collaboration.  The course will focus on Studio Art Methods and Techniques, Art History and Museum Studies, Community Engagement as well as Art Education.

Program Overview:
Students will enroll in two CSU courses: ART 311/510B and LEAP 482 for a total of 6 credits. Throughout the course of this program, students will gain an introduction to the visual arts of Africa, followed by an in depth study of studio art methods and techniques, art history and museum studies, art education, community engagement, and cultural management. The first and last week of the program will meet on campus at CSU. The initial meetings will serve as an introduction/orientation to the history and visual arts of South Africa, and a cultural primer on South Sotho arts.

Harrismith is an important juncture point that leads to a number of popular destinations in South Africa. Qwa Qwa, a former Bantustan that reunited with South Africa after 1994, was the designated homeland of more than 180,000 Sesotho-speaking Basotho people during the time of apartheid. Qwa Qwa has a current population of 2.1 million.

Application deadline is Feb. 15.