Theatre Guest Professional Series: Karen Federing
Dance Major Capstone Concert
Colorado State University Carl A. Bimson Humanities Seminar


Dance Major Capstone Concert Presents Noise and Nothingness
Introducing “The Green Room,” the UCA’s Online Magazine
Dance Diversified

Degree Program

Colorado State University offers a rigorous program in classical and contemporary dance education culminating in a B.A. in Dance. The 120-credit program requires a strong physical and mental commitment and an eagerness to learn and improve.

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April 27

#CSUTheatre is part of the Todos Santos center, taking the Kids Do It All music-theatre program on the road in...


April 22

Becoming Bilbo Baggins: Shave off, Hair takes a lot to be a little (guy) hobbit!


April 24

It’s Friday!! It’s the last day for Tolkien trivia and this one is super interesting, did you know that if...