Places Between Explores Next Steps for Graduating Dancers

By Nicole Towne, SMTD Publicity Intern Colorado State University students Shannon Gerney, Emily Kaiser, and Julianna Williams prepare to bookend their time training with the dance department. Before they empty out their lockers for good, they will first take their combined 50 years of dance experience and construct a show from the ground up. The […]

CSU Dance Concert Combines Faculty and Student Strengths

By Tyler Stup, SMTD Publicity Intern Havelock Ellis, English physician and writer once said, “dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is not mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself.” For three days in Nov., dance students at the UCA will show audiences a […]

World Dance Master Classes Bring Diversity to CSU Dance

It continues to be increasingly important, for both students and faculty, that diversity is an element of coursework at CSU. For CSU Dance students, learning how other cultures express meaning through dance – including when, where, and why the dance exists – was a more readily available opportunity this semester. With financial support from the […]

Cirque du Trois

By Natalie Hendricks, SMTD Publicity Intern In preparation for graduation at Colorado State University, most students take a capstone course within their department, and as a CSU Dance major, a senior capstone course is required. This course consists of putting on a performance, demonstrating the choreography and production skills the dancers have learned during their […]

Student Profile: Emily LaCourse

Meet Junior Emily LaCourse Emily, originally from Columbus, Texas, found her state studying dance at Colorado State University. 1. What upcoming productions are you currently preparing for? We have our upcoming Spring Dance Concert Apr. 21 and 22. I will perform in a piece titled American Lullaby, choreographed by professor Judy Bejarano. It’s a work […]

2017 Spring Dance Concert

By Brandon Adams and Jennifer Clary Jacobs CSU Dance performs their biannual concert on April 21 and 22, undoubtedly amazing audiences on a whole new level. “The program is entirely new work that has never been seen on the CSU stage before,” said Jane Slusarski-Harris, director of CSU Dance. The concert is full of wonderful […]

April 2017 Class Notes

Annessa Kohlhardt, 2012, B.A. Performing Arts, B.A. Health and Exercise Science After graduating, Annessa moved to Chicago where she performed in a wide variety of settings including concert dance, corporate events, and featured entertainment events. In addition to dancing, Annessa worked in a major hospital as a rehabilitation technician in an outpatient physical therapy clinic. […]

5 Things to Know About Students who Spend a lot of Time at the Barre

2. The truth behind leotards Depending on the style and performance the costume varies, but when in rehearsals dancers usually wear a plain leotard and tights with ballet slippers. The reason why ballet dancers are required to wear tight clothing is it makes it easier for the teachers to see and correct the lines and […]

2016 Fall Dance Concert

Written by Lauren Scott, UCA Journalism Intern Ormao originates from an ancient Greek term meaning “movement with force.” This is exactly the style that will grace the stage at the University Dance Theater this Nov. The pride of Colorado Springs, Colo., Ormao Dance Company embodies the Greek term they are named after, embracing diversity, energy, […]

November 2016 Class Notes

MacKenzie Mulligan, 2014, B.A. Theatre, is currently working full-time at the historical Barter Theatre in Abingdon, Va. where she serves as the Stage 2 electrician, and one of two lighting designers for the Barter Players. In her time at Barter, MacKenzie has worked with the electrics team to bring about some incredible shows including the […]