Together, we celebrate Earth Day

The CSU College of Liberal Arts’ mission is to create and extend knowledge and artistry that develops reflective citizens and confident leaders. In a 2021 monthly series — "Together, we" — we share stories that reflect our curiosity, ability to adapt, engagement with the community, and research and creative expertise.

In a special Earth Day edition, we are focusing on environmental sustainability.

Together, we solve wicked problems like climate change and food insecurity, learn about the Earth with a liberal arts lens, connect to the natural environment, and protect the Earth through conservation of our history and resources.

Connect through Dance


dance student

For performing and visual artists, the natural environment is a prominent muse; during COVID-19, the outdoors has allowed performers to continue creating in a healthy space. Connection to nature, both as an inspiration and a viable venue for dance, was expressed through two pieces produced by CSU dance majors for the annual Body/Speak Concert, presented digitally for 2021. Having grown up in Breckenridge, senior dance major and choreographer Emily Wallace has always been in awe of the mountains. “I was inspired to make a piece about the simultaneous beauty and freedom as well as isolation and daunting nature that I feel while looking over a mountain range.” For Earth Day, connect to nature through dance with “Hauntingly Beautiful” by Emily Wallace, and “Interim: Connection/Isolation” by Brianna Port.