CSU Dance Alumni: Stay Connected

Whether it be through connecting with alumni in your area, serving as an alumni mentor to current students, attending an alumni or campus event, or supporting dance at CSU financially, your participation as alumni is deeply valued.

Stay Connected

Dance is a passionate and integrated art form, and we are proud to have our current students and also many alumni of our program who embody that dedication on national and international stages. They continue to contribute in significant ways to the advancement of the arts and other disciplines.

Our collaborative approach to dance here at CSU helps to create an experience that in unique and rewarding, and what our alumni identify as their greatest take-away from our program. Much of this collaboration begins with conversations – conversations that involve creative thinking and problem solving and conversations that lead to the physical “thinking and doing” that dancers, as artists and athletes, must do every day. It takes time and dedication to train the body and mind, time to let inspiration develop into an artistic expression.

The importance of dance and the performing arts in our society is undeniable – it is a thriving business providing valuable work for numerous artists and technicians, but it is also acts as a vehicle that moves our society forward by focusing on human interaction and expression. Whether our alumni have gone on to professional dance performance and teaching careers, or found another path since leaving CSU, they have this perspective on the important work they are accomplishing in their worlds today.

As we continue this tradition here at CSU and around the globe, we want to connect with you – our CSU dance alumni. Whether you graduated last year or many years ago, we want to hear your stories and connect with you. Please take some time to learn about what’s going on in the department these days, fill out our alumni survey, send us your Class Notes, and let us know if you plan to visit campus – we’d love to hear from you!

Alumni News

Dance Alumni Celebration: Uniting Dancing Rams of All Ages

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IMPACT Dance Studio Promotional Photo

When people think of the word “reunion,” all sorts of things come to mind. Perhaps it’s a family reunion, with the awkwardness of seeing a long lost cousin or the thought of politely laughing at Uncle Ed’s bad jokes. Others might think of a high school class reunion, with butterflies over running into a school […]

Alumni Dance Celebration

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Group Dance Performance Photo

Dear Colorado State University Dance Alumni and Friends, Greetings from Fort Collins, Colorado! The faculty, staff, and students of the School of Music, Theatre and Dance invite you to be a part of our upcoming Colorado State University Dance Alumni Celebration taking place at the University Center for the Arts on April 27-30, 2016. These […]

October 2015 Class Notes

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Brittany Adams pictured for Take Back the Tutu Campaign

Grady Soapes, ’09, B.A. Dance, is artistic coordinator and dance educator at the Denver Center for Performing Arts, where he works on casting; helps manage the Colorado New Play Summit; coordinates the theatre testing initiative, Off-Center at the Jones; and hosts and manages the Playwright Fellow. He also serves as New Works Festival coordinator at […]